We’ve been given the chance to work on Jualtia.com Branding, and behold the simplicity in the Logo required.

Before we started off our journey, a detailed questionnaire is being sent to customers, to understand their Logo Focus and Direction. Once those questionnaire are solved, we proceeded with working the first draft of the logo and website.

  • Questionnaire
  • Draft
  • Revision
  • Precise Draft
  • Revision
  • Finalization

Below are some of our steps we’ve taken to show the direction of clients.

First Draft –

Customer has decided to go with Simplicity, clarity in terms of Logo, thus proceeded with the direction below.

We then proceed to come out with 3 more extra color variation.

Finally, confirming on the color Red, we then apply the whole logo concept to the website.

Website Design

Once again, it has been a great honor to be able to work alongside Jualtia.