Performance marketing is a comprehensive term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers and marketing companies are paid when a specific action is completed; such as a sale, lead or click.

In more traditional models of marketing, you pay upfront for what you want to achieve in your marketing goals. This might mean paying for an ad spot with an estimated reach, hoping it will drive customers to your website or store. With traditional advertising, the results can be estimated, but they are never guaranteed. Performance marketing is the other way around.

With performance marketing, you’re paying for the actual performance of the marketing partner, not just the effort exerted by them to promote your product or the reach that they have.

Shoe Mo is South East Asia’s shoe & sneaker care service brand. They use standardised process, 100% hand washed, to take care of the shoes and give them a refreshed look. Their signature services include: cleaning, repair, repainting, unyellowing treatment, water repellent, deodorizing and customization. Here, we take a look at how we implemented performance marketing strategies for Shoe Mo Brunei.


Shoe Mo Brunei is looking to improve leads & engagement across all digital communications channels as the recent pandemic happened, many retail stores are struggling to get in-store traffic, Shoe Mo are no exception. We approach Shoe Mo with a long term strategy to grow consistent traffic & sustainable leads. By integrating performance marketing strategies with unique creative direction, within weeks Shoe Mo’s conversion rate improved over 52%.


Shoe Mo Brunei isn’t the go to shoe cleaning service provider in Brunei. Even though their retail services are great, it isn’t fueling the online exposure at all. They had little to none advertising campaigns back in 2020. When started, we were working on filtering unqualified leads or trying to nurture leads who were not ready to do a booking.


We work with the Shoe Mo team and figure out what type of communication to adapt in order to gain the leads more efficiently. We settled on WA & FB Messenger as the main channel to retrieve leads. Besides that, our internal graphic designer adapted contents that are bright, engaging and optimized as a scroll stopper to maximize the conversion possibility.

As for the campaign type, we suggested Shoe Mo to adapt FB Messenger campaign with A/B test between WA & FB Messenger, as this is to create conversion between potential audience & business. Speaking from experience, the more connections you have with your customers, the easier you can convince them.

Other than that, we specify the targeting towards direct audiences that are closely related to the business model and expand based on that as well. In order to bring our Shoe Mo team with the best and sustainable growth for a long term.


After a couple weeks of tweaking, the high traffic and leads are what keep the Shoe Mo team busy. As a result the team were spending their time efficiently.

As seen in the Instagram statistics, the Instagram reach recorded an increase of 6.3% while the Facebook page reach was down by 15.4%. This tells us that we needed to increase our ads spending on Instagram more than Facebook.

The Instagram statistics:


Examples of the social media posts we produced:



Find out your real customers by pinpointing your audience because a relevant customer is easier to convert and convince.


Relevant content attracts audiences with the same interests and issues. We ensured the audience understands the value of Shoe Mo by creating simple content with touch points such as customer testimonials as well as before and after results.Other than that, we urge people to book by using limited time promotions.


We identified the best performing content and focused on specific channels and audiences to maximize the spending.


People already engaged and served again with offers, or any sales message. Warmer audiences are easier to move down the funnel and turn into loyalty.